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留學推薦信-Recommendation latter for XXX

時間:2016-01-20 09:25來源:www.8760434.live 作者:anne 點擊:
To Whom It May Concern,至讀信者
我很高興有這個機會,我推薦XXX能夠就讀于西安外國語大學之一。我認識xxx3年,我對她的第一印象是她能吃苦,能吃苦耐勞,具有優良的組織能力。I am pleased to have this opportunity to recommend one of my capable student at XIAN International Studies University. I have known Ms.Lin MengYue for 3 years, my first impression from her is she is able to endure hardships and capable of hard working, with excellent organization skills.
XXX不只有學習成績優秀,而且還具有創新的昂揚銳氣;她處理工作和學校非常好。當然,作為一名大學生這是她的責任。在所有的學生XXX表現得尤為突出,不論精通英語或專業技能。在她的本科學習過程中,她的專業的行列表現總是永遠排在第一位最好的。然而,XXX不斷努力學習,并會自報自己的個人不足的信念,她還虛心接受其他學生和老師的意見。Ms.Lin MengYue does not only have academic excellence, but also has a high spirit of innovations; she handled work and school very well. Of course, this is her responsibility as a college student. Among all students, regardless of proficiency in the English language or professional skills, Ms.Lin MengYue was particularly prominent. In her undergraduate learning process, her performance was always among the best and professional ranks always ranked first. Nevertheless, Ms.Lin MengYue keeps the faith on studying hard, and filling her own personal inadequacies, she also humbly accepts the views of other students and teachers.
其他方XXX面表現一直積極參加各種比賽,以豐富自己的大學生活,因此,她獲得了很多知識,因此,她的綜合素質作為學生很大的提高。Other then studying, Ms.Lin MengYue has been actively participate in various competitions to enrich her college life, as a result, she gained a lot of knowledge, and therefore her overall quality as a student greatly improved.
西安外國語大學的雙語廣播項??目的快速發展離不開XXX的領導能力和組織能力來完成。這個團隊是由六個學生的形式,承認這是一個極少人數的團隊,但他們都獻出了自己最大的努力;他們能夠帶領組員操作,并獲得巨大的成功。在這個項目的開始,當項目是在缺少一個完整的系統的狀態,XXX能夠在短時間內制定一個完整的項目計劃,andestablished一個全面的發展計劃。因此,該項目能夠形成穩定的,可持續的一個結果。雖然這種雙語廣播平臺項目不屬于其就讀的專業領域,但XXX虛心詢問意見,在節目制作過程中與老師和組織團隊成員積極聯系,從美國有線電視新聞網前主編丹那的指導XXX也收獲了關注,在節目播出時,她獲得了一致的好評。該方案是創建并運行由XXX,該方案有效填補缺乏的西安外國語大學廣播的需求。其他的學生同時還內置了一個很好的例子。值得一提的是,該項目與省教育廳的重視榮獲“省級大學生創新創業訓練計劃”的稱號。The rapid development of XIAN International studies University’s Bilingual Broadcasting project can’t be done without Ms.Lin MengYue ‘s leadership skills and organizational skills. This team is form by six students, admitting that is a very few number, but they all gave their best effort; they were able to operated the group and received resounding success. At the beginning of this project, when the project is in a state of lacking a complete system, Ms.Lin MengYue was able to produce a complete project plan in a very short period of time, andestablished a comprehensive development plan. So the project was able to form stable and sustainable. Although this Bilingual Broadcasting platform project a do not belong to their areas of expertise, but Ms.Lin MengYue humbly asks for opinion, during the program production process actively liaising with teachers, organize team member, Ms.Lin MengYue also gain the attention and guidance from CNN former editor DAN, when the program is broadcasted, she received unanimous praise. The program is created and run by Ms.Lin MengYue, the program effectively fill lack of broadcasting needs of Xian international studies University. And also built a great example for other student. It is worth mentioning that this project won the title of "provincial university student innovation and entrepreneurship training programs,” along with provincial education department's attention.
作為西安外國語大學新聞與傳播學院院長,我有充分的理由相信,XXX能夠順利完成在貴大學她的碩士課程。如果您需要了解xxx任何進一步的信息,請不要猶豫與我聯系。As the dean of XIAN International Studies University, School of Journalism and Communication, I have every reason to believe that Ms.Lin MengYue can successfully complete her master’s program at your esteemed University. Should you need any further information about Ms.Lin MengYue, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Sincerely yours,
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